Friday, August 28, 2009

Snow Leopard and App Compatability

[Update: TUAW, during a live blog session, stated that Photoshop Elements 6 will run under Snow Leopard, with reports of running twice as fast.]

Just in time for, er, still warm days, Snow Leopard is out! The latest update to the popular OS X operating system for Mac. It delivers mostly performance and "under the hood" type upgrades, the biggest of which is probably support for 64 bit. After work I definitely plan to go by the new Apple store that just opened down the street and pick up my family pack copy. (You can also get it at Amazon for $25.)

However, there have been reports on the web that some apps just won't work or won't work properly. Here are some:

Two biggies on the list for those of us photogs are Adobe CS2, CS3 and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Adobe has not said that CS3 is fully OK under Snow Leopard, but the above mentioned wikidot blog says it is fine with a few minor bugs. Interestingly, CS2 is not supported and given Adobe's track record, I doubt they'll support it, or if they do certainly not quickly. CS4 is fine. What is of interest is Photoshop Elements. Only wikidot has said it won't work with Snow Leopard, but there are no other reports, at least at this time. So... anybody know?

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